Sunday, April 22, 2012

N to S: Poetry Challenge Recap

Congrats! To completing week 3 of my poetry challenge!

Here are some tips to get your poems sparkling! 

1. Read your poem several times focusing on a different element each time (word choice, punctuation etc.). 
2. Check out this article How to Submit Poems for Publication

Now here are my poems. 

N is for Nature
Today's challenge was to write a poem about nature. My poem was inspired by last year's rain followed by a onslaught of slugs!

My garden last spring
Attack of the Slugs

I toiled and toiled,

it rained and rained.


the slugs came in. 

I sprayed and sprayed,

they wormed and wormed. 


Don't come back!

O is for Onomatopoeia
Today's challenge was to use onomatopoeia in a poem. My poem was inspired by Kari-Lynn's book On My Walk. To read my interview with Kari-Lynn click here

Spring Is Here


In the trees


Busy bees


Pouring rain


On the plain


Muddy paws


Hear their caws


Gopher run


Webs are spun


In the streets


Tasty treats


Can't you see?

Groundhog Phyllis

Jump for glee!

*My fellow 12x12er (Susanna Leonard Hill) wrote this fabulous book April Fool Phyllis and recently sent Phyllis around the world (I think she is overseas right now).  Phyllis stopped to visit me on March 31 (click here to read about it). I had a fun and sunny day with her, but when she left on April 1st, she left behind a big pile of snow! April Fool Phyllis indeed!

P is for Prose Poem
Today's challenge was to play with form and write a prose poem.  To see my Raggedy Ann prose poem click here. I wrote a new prose poem for the challenge. 

Written in Prose

P is for prose Write a poem A page or two will do Forget the breaks But for heavens sake Don’t forget The period!

Now written with breaks

P is for prose
Write a poem
A page or two will do
Forget the breaks
But for heaven sakes
Don’t forget the period! 

Q is for Query: Your Choice
Today's challenge was to think about submitting work for publication and to write a poem in your preferred style. I shared my query letter. Click here to read my critiqued query. 

She sits on my desk. 

Brass girl
Reading a book

Childhood memories
I remember that look

Far off stare
Magical realm
I couldn’t bear
To put the book down

“Rena, time for class!”
He yelled and yelled
Can you believe
I almost got expelled?

R is for Rhyme
Today's challenge was to write a poem in rhyme and to think about actions that could go along with the poem. Author Kari-Lynn Winters offered some tips on writing in rhyme. Click here to read her tips. 

Imaginary Sand

With my bucket in hand
and a pile of sand.


Form the head, the ears, the nose.
Shape the body down to the toes


In the end
a sandy friend!

S is for Sonnet 
Today's challenge was to write a sonnet. I gave the option of using humour. To read a Shakespearean style sonnet or learn how to create sonnet click here

What does it mean to be a writer?
Will I be poor or find success?
To be a writer you must be a fighter
And know that it’s worth the stress
What does it mean to be creative?
A mind that just won’t sleep
My writing mind may need a sedative
Or perhaps I’ll count sheep
But Dori, Corey and Lorie
Those sneaky little sheep
Will start to tell a story
Once again no beauty sleep
This is my tale so listen up
And get out of the way of my coffee cup!

If you liked this post please let others know. Tomorrow, Twitter poetry. I hope you come back for that! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. 


  1. Great job Rena! Still love your spring poem so much! Your sonnet was really fun too--and I could totally relate to it! ;) I don't know why the sonnet terrifies me so--but I suppose I'll get it figured out! :)

    1. Thanks. I put the spring poem on my list of stories to revise. I'm in the process of turning another poem I wrote into a pb. The sonnet is a bit terrifying that's why I opted not to write a serious one.

  2. Wonderful. You captured "the writer". I can relate, also!!

  3. Great job, Rena - no non-writer could have written that!

  4. These are wonderful Rena. My favorite is the last one. I couldn't sleep last night just thinking about where this journey is going - I'm just a weirdo ;)

    1. Thanks. Haha. I think all writers are bit weird!


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