Sunday, April 15, 2012

H to M: Poetry Challenge Recap

Congrats! You have completed week two of the A to Z Poetry Challenge.  Take the day off and revise your poems by asking yourself the following two questions.

1. Do your poems use the senses?
2. Are you using active verbs?

Now here are the poems I created this week. Enjoy!

H is for Haiku
By Bill Boudreau

Winter Trouble

Spidy ducked when
Wolverine threw a snowball
And broke the captain’s shield.

I is for Inspiration

With All My Heart, Mind, and Soul

By Julie Rowan-Zoch
In a mother’s arm
A child found
All the love and security
She needed to grow

In a mother’s way
A rebellious teen
Saw all she needed
To choose her own way

In a mother’s song
A young woman hears
All the strength she needs
To conquer her fears

In a child’s heart
Her mom is her world
In a teenage mind
Her mom is her guide
In a woman’s soul
Her mom is eternally there

J is for Jingle
(My jingle written to the tune of Oscar Mayer Wiener).

Rena’s blog
Go there now!

Ooh, I love to be an awesome writerrr
That is what I truly like to beee
Because if I were an awesome writerrr
Everyone would be in love with me
“Big name authors are so inspiring!”

Ooh, I am glad that I’m not a crappy writerrr
That is what I NEVER want to beee
Because if I were a crappy writerrr
No one would ever be in love with me

Ooh, I love to be an awesome writerrr

Rena Traxel is on her way to being an awesome writer
She writes each day. Someday with your help her dream will come true

Everyone would be in love with mee…

K is for Kids 
(A poetry exercise I did as a kid. I used an online version: Magnetic Poetry). 

L is for Limerick
By Niki Leonidou

Polar Bear Limerick
(Started off as a poem about my childhood teddy and morphed into something else). 

He lived in the arctic, the polar bear
Out on walk, he got caught in a snare
turned into a teddy
They call him the yeti
Now he lays on the floor and stares

M is for Mother Goose
(Nursery rhyme using "Little Miss Muffet").

Little Miss Traxel,
Sat on a axel,
Spinning her tales of woe.
Along came the hero,
Straight as an arrow
And frightened the villain away.

If you liked this post please let others know. Tomorrow,  I'll be back to talk about nature poetry. I hope you come back for that. 


  1. Love the jingle! You are already an awesome writer!! Your inspiration poem was lovely. Thanks for sharing Rena.

    1. Ooo, excited to see my bloggy in your blogroll-->

    2. Thanks Jen. I think I'm an okay of a writer as I still have a lot to learn. I decided it was time to start a blogroll. I still have a few more to add.

  2. Excellent. I enjoyed reading your creations!

    1. Thanks Penny. It's really hard to write poetry when I have to pay attention to the number of syllables.

  3. Rena, you almost made my cry when I read your I is for inspiration poem. It took me down memory lane with my mom and with my own kids. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks. I will be mailing it off to my Mommy.

  4. I love all your poetry! I loved the limerick and the jingle but I really loved, most of all, With All My Heart, Mind, and Soul! You are such a talented writer!

  5. They are brilliant Rena, yes that was my favorite too, Louise!

  6. Very nice poems, Rena! I am so impressed that you are able to get the poems written in addition to the daily poetry month posts! You must be very, very, busy! :) Great job!

    1. Thanks! I am busy, but writing is my full-time job so that makes it a little easier to find the time. Originally, I was going to just do the posts for the challenges, but then I thought it would be fun to try each form since many of them I haven't tried before.


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