Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Jingle

J is for jingle.  Now that you have tried your hand at writing a song. Why not try writing a jingle. Jingles are used in advertising to promote some sort of product.  A catchy phrase or slogan is set to music in hopes the buyer will remember the jingle and buy the product.

To create jingle.
1. Get to know the product. 
2. Include the name of the product repeatedly throughout the jingle.
3. Come up with a short slogan or catch phrase that is witty or funny as these tend to be remembered.  Avoid using a passive voice. 
4. Choose music to set the slogan to. You will want music that is upbeat. 

--Write a jingle that promotes your blog, website, or yourself. (You don't need the music). 

--Here is worksheet that will help you write a jingle click here.

If you liked this post please let others know. Tomorrow, poetry for kids! I hope you come back for that.


  1. Oh how fun, Rena. You have all sorts of delights for us. I'll get thinking.

  2. We just talked about jingles in my marketing class Monday night. What a fun idea!

    1. Thanks. I had thought about becoming a copy writer for an ad firm and I still think it's something I would love to do, but I rather be my own boss.

  3. Replies
    1. I was totally inspired by Penny's Dr.Pepper tune that I found an old commerical on Mountain Dew. It even has Brad Pitt starring in it.

      You can first check out the commerical here if you like -

      Here is mine.

      Just Read

      Castles in the sky
      I'm not going to lie
      Is a blog about writing
      kids need to read,
      First they need a seed
      Visit the li-bra-ry
      Gotta read
      Find a book when the boredom set in
      Re-ad, gotta read
      Visit the li-bra-ry
      Ahhh ahhhh, go read
      Visit the li-bra-ry
      Ahh Ahhh

    2. This is great! I love watching old commercials.

    3. Thank you Rena, can't wait to see yours.

    4. Ooooo....great! Love your message, too!

  4. Fun, Rena!!!!
    Here's mine.

  5. Time to escape into your dreams-
    Where temptation is not what it seems.
    Sensational cravings and overnight drama,
    Satiated with your daring jar of Nutella.

  6. I liked this post a lot! I think it can help with the troublesome "blurb" issue. Very nice blog you have here, am following *waves*

    Nice to meet you, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!


  7. Great post, Rena! My brain is too tired to think right now, but if I can, I'll write one tomorrow. :-) I love a good jingle.

  8. Rena, this was really fun to read. Gonna give it a try using my literacy program, MyLMNOP.
    (Tune sorta resembling: If I Only Had a Heart)

    Unicorns eat snow in June
    There are castles on the moon,
    where it rains raspberry tea.

    "Oh there are no limitations,
    inside our imaginations!"
    says, My LMNOP!

    So it shouldn’t be that shockin'
    If a 'possum comes a knockin,'
    then scoots up an elfin tree.

    No there are no limitations
    Inside our imaginations
    Says My LMNOP


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