Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for You

 Self-Portrait of Rena by Bill Boudreau
Y is for you. Today is all about you. I want you to spend the day thinking about yourself then write a poem.

What is a self-portrait poem? It's a poem about yourself. Here are some things to think about when writing your poem. 
  • Name
  • Traits
  • Son or daughter of
  • Lover of
  • Who feels
  • Who needs
  • Who fears
  • Where do you live
  • Physical descriptions
  • Hobbies or interests
  • Favourite food
  • Friends
  • Dream
  • Goals

I wrote this poem about myself about a month ago. Some of you might have seen this poem on my website. 


In the middle of nowhere,
in the province of Alberta, 
lives a writer,
with pasty skin and long red hair. 

She lives in a castle—
crowded with books, dogs, and rabbits—
surrounded by a moat and
a field full of cars.  

She sits at a desk,
tapping away 
on her
glowing scheming machine.

She carries a cup, 
full of hot liquid mud
that she throws at kids
caught spying in her windows.

So BEWARE of the fiery haired writer
who lives in a castle,
brewing up a batch
of fantastical stories!

--Write a poem about yourself. 

--Autobiographical Portrait Poem Generator
--Portrait Poems and Examples

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  1. That poem is so "you," Rena, especially after having had the pleasure of reading your novel.

  2. I enjoyed your poem but you don't seem fiery to me. :)Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I too love your poem Rena -very creative.

    I'm called Jen
    By my Vince
    By my friends
    Not by my mother
    Or my sis.
    They call me Jenny.
    I go by Mom,
    Or MA MA by my kids.
    Call me Jennifer,
    If you like,
    I like that name too.
    Though, as a kid it bored me.
    I always wanted a name
    Like Candace.
    Like my sister.
    I named my youngest after her,
    Susannah Candace!
    I'm a lover
    of zombie films.
    The more "End of the world"
    The better.
    And peanut M&M's
    Are my weakness.
    Find me drawing
    Snug on my bed
    A book on my nook
    Or a pb in my lap,
    A peek inside
    My comfortable world.

    1. Yum...peanut M&M's! Nice was fun reading your life!

    2. It's nice to get to know you better. I love the different names it makes me think of all the different hats we put on in life. Zombie movies are the best.

  4. Rena-I remember this poem. It is wonderful....and mysterious!

    1. Thanks. The original version is a bit longer, but I like this version better.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a Christmas present from my husband.

  6. Beginning and Beyond

    Mama and Daddy
    could no longer wait
    60's to 80's
    a total of 8!

    I'm 1st in line to
    a field of red dirt
    Born 1-9-6-2__
    mom still says, "That hurt!"

    I've always loved words,
    Quote Bird__"Nevermore!"
    I'd read from Dad's chair,
    sibs sit on the floor.

    I sing, dance, and read.
    Yes! For my living.
    Not on stage__with kids.
    They are so giving.

    Mistakes? I make tons!
    I leap then I think.
    Some days on the couch.
    Some days I'm the shrink.

    1/1 of this year,
    I started to write.
    Some shout, "Aren't you brave?"
    I whisper, "Not quite."

    Here's to adventure!
    One map is allowed.
    I'll outline new parts,
    and make all 8 proud!

    1. This is cute! I'm sure all of them are already proud! I had three brothers. I can't imagine 7 siblings! Thanks for sharing Pam.

  7. I just saw pictures of your writing space - it looks like a castle to me!! No wonder your writing is magical!

    1. Thanks Lori. I keep the picture up to remind myself what my house looks like when it's clean! lol.

  8. "Fiery haired writer..." Love that! :)

    1. Thanks. The guy who owns the local scrap yard (a long time business friend of my husband) said to Bill the first time he met me "ooh fiery hair beware" and I laughed so hard. Since then it's been a joke between my husband and I.

  9. Hi Rena..I've finally found you at the end of the A to Z Challenge! I've seen your posts on 12x12, but never made it to your blog. Just stopping by to say that I will be following you from now on!



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