Friday, April 27, 2012

X Marks the Spot

The Found Poetry Project brought to you by The Found Poetry Review, has been creating and distributing found poetry kits in celebration of National Poetry Month. They have also been asking for individuals to create found poetry kits and leave them in public spaces. This way people walking by can create their own found poems. I just found out about this so I decided to create an online version of the kit. Since this is an online version, I can't provide you with a pen and paper. You can use the comments below to write your poem if you wish! 

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Source Text 

Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English
  • Over 125, 000 words, phrases and definitions
  • Over 800 uniquely Canadian words and senses
  • Easy-to-understand pronunciation guidance for difficult words
  • Dependable guidance on Canadian spellings
  • More Canadian coverage than any other dictionary of its size
TVs most engaging and unlikely crime-solving due is back in the spectacular second season of ABC's Castle. The banter flies faster than the bullets in this unique series, loaded with drama, romance and laughs. 

Best-selling mystery novelist Rick Castle's unique approach to crime solving may have won over Detective Kate Beckett, but their relationship is still on rocky ground.

From Cinder
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Bushy tailed thief /in the tree/dodge the growling dogs/back and forth/ from thick to thin/to rooftop scaling/ down to the feeder hut

May's Grocery List for the Food Bank (from the Lac Ste. Anne Bulletin) 
  • Box of cereal
  • Small peanut butter
  • Canned Meat (ex. salmon, tuna)
  • Canned vegetables (beans, corn, peas)
Proof positive: when you have to edit your own copy

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INTO THE WOODS (Fables -Wolves p.101)

No one quite knew where they planned to go on their honeymoon, or how long they might stay.

A little more champagne, Mrs. Wolf?

But true to Boy Blue's promise, their house in Wolf Valley was finished and waiting for them by the time they returned. 

Go pick your rooms, children. You each have one of your own.

So do you think happily ever after is possible after all?

We'll see. 

Stomp your feet!
Clap your hands!
Everybody ready for a 

(Barnyard Dance! by Sandra Boynton) 

--Create a found poem using bits and pieces from the source text on this page. Please leave   some words in the comment section below so that I can create a found poem from your comments. 

--Go to to read found poems, upload your poem, or for further information.

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  1. This was fun Rena! How neat that they leave these kits around.

    125, 000 wolves
    Finished and waiting for Salom and Tuna
    Sandra Boynton made them a promise
    Instead she said,
    “Go pick your beautiful dresses”
    They ran after her
    Faster than bullets
    Over rocky ground
    To hunt her down
    She gave out wooden shoes
    Filled with corn and peas
    She said, “stomp, dance”
    It was difficult
    For these growling dogs
    Sandra just laughed.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If I had found out about this earlier I would have loved to have made some kits and left them laying around although I think they are only doing this in the States.

      Haha. That Sandra I tell you! I love that I can picture these wolves chasing Sandra and trying to dance in corn and pea filled shoes!

    2. Thanks Rena! Looking forward to see what you come up with :)

    3. Very fun, Jennifer!!! I'm posting mine in a few minutes. It will be fun to see what we all do with these words!

  2. This collection you put together to create our source text is, uhm, extremely varied in subject. This is kind of exciting and it makes wish I had more writing experience. Nevetheless, I AM GOING TO GIVE THIS A GO! I'll be back, got some thinkin' to do.

    1. You all have different tastes so I wanted a collection of different pieces. Pam, I'm sure your poem will be great!

  3. I'm confused. Maybe I need more coffee. I love a challenge but I guess I'm not up to this one! Congrats on a whole month of wonderful posts Rena.

    1. You create a poem using words from the source text that I provided.

  4. How cool! Ever since I found "found" poems, I've been in love.

    1. They are fun. Your ladybug found poem is cute.

  5. Wow...I'm just now getting to comment! Sorry I had no words for you to work with sooner.
    This is an interesting challenge...The more weird words the better, I'm assuming. I headed over to The Poem Farm-Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's wonderful is a quote: "In my dictionary, there is only one page for the letter X. When I pointed to today's word, XENOPHOBIA, I looked above and saw XENOPHILIA. I wanted to write from both words, and so I did."
    Then how about Renee's site: Last Chance!
    To get your name in for the giveaway of The House by J. Patrick Lewis and Roberto Innocenti. Sign up here!
    Done? Purr…fect. Now, curl your paws and lick your whiskers, because today’s poet brings us some furry verses guaranteed to make you blink slowly but knowingly!
    There you go...very fun!!! challenge by the way.

    1. Thanks for the text! I'll be writing mine later tonight.

  6. Here is mine...random...random...random...but such fun!
    Day 24...WOW!!!!!!!!

  7. Oh, I wish I didn't have a deadline for these edits because this looks like so much fun!

    1. I can't wait to get back to my novel. I've been ignoring it ever since poetry month started.

  8. Oh, I can't even give this one a name. I'm laughing so hard because, it's just so deranged.

    Into the woods,
    faster than bullets
    fled Boy Blue and Sandra.

    Just a glance, they knew
    each others words__thoughts
    unspoken banter flies.

    Uniquely Canadian senses.

    They are not alone.
    Something moved!
    In the tree top!

    "Mrs. Wolf?"

    Two days chase
    their stomachs__growling dogs.
    Wolf appeases with corn

    Each spoonful is like laughter, romance.
    And a pronunciation of her scorn

    Mrs. Wolf paces
    back and forth
    "Happily ever after...
    So you think it's possible?"

    "Yes! Quickly, clap your hands!"
    "Yes! Stomp your feet!"

    "Why should I?"
    "You're ankle deep in a bed of ants!!"


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