Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poetic Captions: Round 'Em Up Contest

Poetry Friday is here again and I’m hosting this weeks round-up. This is my first time hosting Poetry Friday so I thought I would hold a contest.  The rules are pretty simple. 
  • Come up with a caption or a line for the illustration below.
  • Post your caption or line in the comment section along with your full name.
I will pick a winner and use his/her caption in a poem. The contest is open to everyone. Contest closes on August 17 at midnight (mountain time). The winner will be announced in September.  The prize will be a $10 Amazon Gift Card. If you want to see the past winner click here

Now if you are here for the round-up please enter your name in the linky below. You don't have to be part of the round-up to enter the contest. 

Can you come up with a caption for this image?

If you liked this post please let others know. This will be my last post until September as I'm taking a blog-cation. During my time off I plan on revamping my blog and website. I'll see ya in September until then dare to write the impossible

Looking back to past posts


  1. Wooops! Excuse me, but it happens in this neck of the woods a lot.

  2. I put links up, but the posts won't appear until after midnight. Thanks for letting me post so early!

    Here's my caption: I used to have a waist...

  3. Thanks for hosting, Rena. Love the title of your blog.
    Here's my new poem, an ode to "Country Roads"
    @ The FATHER GOOSE Blog

  4. Hi, Rena! Thanks for hosting. (Caption? Hmm.... Maybe, "I'd better lay off the honey.")

    Today I'm featuring my first haiku to appear in FROGPOND, along with one from my 14-year-old niece appearing in the same issue! (She won a contest.)

  5. Howdy, Rena--thanks for hosting today! Caption: I wonder who the Mystery Guest TeachingAuthor is today?

    Okay, that's blatant advertising...sorry. How's this:
    "I get so nervous watching those Olympic gymnastic trials..."

    Come by for our book giveaway and to guess which VIPP (Very Important Poetry Person)is our Mystery Guest today!

  6. Hi Rena, thank you so much for hosting this week. Iphigene is posting this week for Poetry Friday with Robin Robertson's "Sorrow"
    My caption: "This is one heavy tree. Enough workout for the day." :)

  7. Thanks for hosting, Rena! Having a contest is a great idea. :-)

    I love everyone's captions. Here's mine: "This snail race sure is exciting!"

  8. Thanks for hosting, Rena! Love your tag line "dare to write the impossible." How wonderful and inspiring! I will do just that. :) As for a caption:

    Did I just fall out of a tree?

  9. Rena, thanks for hosting. I just discovered that NPR is running a Poetry Games. There are five poems to vote for -- each represents a different Olympic sport. Each poem in the running for gold also represents a different country.

    "Lifting" by Ouyang Yu and the link to the rest of the poems is at

  10. Hi Rena,
    Thanks for hosting, my co-blogger April didn't have the direct link to our TeachingAuthors post when she shared her comment. Here it is:
    I hope you'll come by and enter OUR contest. :-)

  11. Hi Rena
    There was a young woman named Rena
    A boisterous bold ballerina.
    She broke all the rules
    Of all strict ballet schools
    So they sent her a graceful subpoena.
    Thanx for hosting Poetry Friday. Speaking of Grace,
    Over @ The Florian Cafe, Lord Allen Ginsberg has a New Stanza for Amazing Grace

    1. Cool. Thanks for the poem. I was a bit of rebel when I was younger so I no doubt would have been kicked out of a ballet school!

  12. Hi Rena, thank you for hosting today. Here's my caption: "Guess I won't be joining in today; I'm stuck on a log!" What fun to create a caption, although it's not easy! I loved reading everyone's above!

  13. Thanks for hosting, Rena! How fun to have a contest for us, and LUCKY YOU to get a Douglas Florian LIMERICK in your comments!! What a nice guy he is!

    Here's my caption: "Only three more weeks until school...where has the summer gone?"

    (Yes, that's actually ME talking!!"

    Mary Lee Hahn

  14. Okay, so I just figured out we were supposed to put the links before the comments! I'm feeling a little like the bear, but I think I'm with the program now. Thanks - fun system!

  15. Rena,

    I presented you with the Blog On Fire can pick it up here...

    Donna L Martin

  16. In keeping with the Olympics: The Balance Log is Challenging.
    Jone rush MacCulloch

  17. Thanks for hosting Rena and have a lovely blog break :)

  18. Fun contest! Thanks for hosting today. I will try and come up with a catchy line.

  19. Thanks for hosting, Rena. My post is about Kenji Miyazama's poem "Be not defeated by the rain", cited in the wonderful Tomo anthology edited by Holly Thompson:

    And my caption:

    "I'm feeling a little 'boughed' down today..."

  20. Thanks for hosting.
    My selection is "Extra innings: baseball poems" selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins and illustrated by Scott Medlock.

  21. Caption: "Like a slump on a log"

  22. Rena,
    I am not plugged into Poetry Friday! I'll have to follow a while and learn about it.
    I'll add a caption just for fun:
    Ah dunno! I was sittin' on a then timber!!!

    1. Haha nice Penny. My poetic caption contests are open to everyone.


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