Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Vote For Your Favourite Poem

To wrap up last month's poetry challenge here are seven poems by seven talented poets. Please vote below for your favourite poem. Voting will close on May 24 at 11:45pm (mountain time) and the winners will be announced on May 25. 

Illustration by Bill Boudreau

A. Eastersaurus

Did you see Eastersaurus? A marvellous bird,
He hatched from an egg made of chocolate and curd.
He was named Eastersaurus when born Easter morn,
The first thing he ate was some crackers and corn.
He spat it all out and he ran to the yard,
where children were hunting and working real hard.
A scavenger hunt for the most Easter eggs,
they ran round in circles and tripped over legs.
Well that Eastersaurus he flapped and he cawed,
he trilled and he thrilled and he loudly guffawed.
The kids all fell silent, now stopped in their tracks.
They grabbed one last egg and ran off with their sacks.
Well young Eastersaurus he started to sing,
of heaven and Jesus and other church things.
The children returned and they learned quite a lot,
that Easter was more than the eggs that they got.
They sang with the bird and they went for a ride,
all sat on his back on this fine Eastertide.
They scattered their eggs to their friends down below,
and called to the children, “It’s Easter you know!”
The next year, they waited and hoped they would see
the same Eastersaurus that filled them with glee.

B. My Grandma’s a Vampire

My grandma’s a vampire
Her life is askew
Her vision is shot
And her dentures have glue.
Her hunger has weakened
Her flitter has faltered
Her pacemaker skips
And her memory's altered.
My Grandma’s a vampire
But not for too long
Her body is brittle
And her drive is all gone.
Her hair is neglected,
In need of a comb,
When vampires are old
They are put in a home

C.  Vampire Recess

I cannot wait til recess
My fangs do want to sprout
The teacher says to push them in
But still they pop on out

I’m biting on my paper
I’m chewing on my arm
I’m even feasting with my fangs
Upon the smoke alarm

I need to go to recess
where fangs are free to stab
With friends I play and snap and snarl
A recess jib and jab

D. Cow, A Moon and A Suspicion

Hey! diddle, diddle, The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon;
I’m willing to bet that a record was set,
And she’ll be getting her trophy real soon.
She’s taken up discus and hurdle and sprints,
She long jumps and she triple jumps, too.
I know it sounds strange, but I’m telling you folks
There’s nothing ol’ Bess will not do.
I cannot explain where she got her mad skills,
Most bovine don’t even LIKE track.
But, I’ve come to suspect that Bess stayed in space
And “they” sent a lunar cow back!

E. Smooshy Gooshy Goodness

Made-to-lick-y! Tasty!
Smear-the-bread it,
perfect peanut paste-y!
Spoon-and-twirl it,
better butter, thicker.
Dip-and-daub it,
shiny when it’s slicker.
trails a nutty smell-y.
Oh-my-gosh it
tastes so good with jelly!
Made-to-lick-y! Yummy!
Smear-the-bread it,
Get it in my tummy!

F. Rules of Rhyme for a Reason

Show - don't tell and don't tell - show.
That's one rule you oughta know!

Meter matters - count your beats,
The only thing worse than bad meter is stinky feets.

 Near rhymes make me go insane,
'M' and 'N' are not the same.

Make sure rhyming fits your story,
Not so great for gross or gory, 

Say things in their normal order,
Blame it, don't, on some disorder.

Be unique - you won't regret it,
If you do - they won't forget it!

G. Wicked Trickery

Black hat
Mute growl
Thinly veiled scowl
Landlord has come to evict (it's not due)

Note signed:
"Minister's daughter?"
His motives aren't hard to predict (what to do)

Sinister weevil.
She's placed on the train track and tied

"Surrender!" He grinned.
"But first, you must become my bride!"

White gown
Pale face
Thinly veil lace.
Landlord purses lips, then they're licked. (I do)

Then shock
Wining disguise
Landlord then discovers he's tricked ("Not you!")

"Your specs, sir?"
"Offend, sir!"
"But look how it's penned, sir."
Landlord reads the note, yet again.

To his horrid chagrin
He read "r," not an "n."
Signed not by Martyr but Martyn!

On Friday there will be another Poetic Captions, in which I'll share a poem, an activity and a downloadable illustrations. I hope you come back for that. Until then dare to write the impossible.  
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  1. Oh this is going to be hard!!! The only one I didn't see during the challenge was Catherine's -beautiful job btw!! Thanks again for making this a fun experience Rena! :)

  2. Voted! Lots of good stuff here, but I made my choice. You did a great job with the challenge, Rena. I enjoyed following even if I ended up not being able to participate. Yay, poetry! :)

    1. Thanks. This year I had a lot to learn so I think next year will be even better.

  3. I'm very competitive so I was going to vote for myself but there's another one I really love - much more than my own. So, if I get one vote - it's not mine :-)

    Thanks for doing this, Rena!!

  4. This was really really REALLY hard. But I voted. I hope I was eligible to vote, as my participation was negligible.

  5. It is not fair to ask us to pick just one of these awesome poems!!!!!!! I picked, but it was HARD. Congratulations to all of you for writing such excellent poems!

    1. That is why I assembled a panel of judges and asked my readers to vote. I don't think I could have picked a winner.

  6. I commented from my phone, but looks as if it didn't post. This is really hard. I am like Lori...very competitive. I did end up voting for one other than my own though. It was just so fun that I had to vote for it. There was a lot of great poetry created in April 2012... that is for sure!

  7. Penny, the one I voted for was "fun" too - I'm sure we voted for the same one! At least if we don't win, we voted for the winner :-)

    1. I don't even know who the winner is yet? Thanks for voting and for submitting.

    2. I'm just speculating that we picked the winner :-)

  8. Can we vote more than once? Am I weird that I love reading these comments as much as the poems? Rena, thank you for putting this together. You've introduced us to some really good artists.

    1. I've set it so that people can only vote once. So please only vote once. I'm also a comment reader so no, you aren't weird. And your welcome. I hope you join the challenge again next year.


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