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Rena's A to Z Poetry Challenge 

Debut April 2012: In celebration of National Poetry Month I hosted an A to Z poetry challenge, in which partiptcants wrote 26 poems using different poetic techniques. The challenge ended with a contest. (*Please note during an update I lost a bunch of posts.)

This what some of the participants had to say...

Pamela Courtney
The A to Z Poetry Challenge was a classroom like none other. In a matter of 26 days, Rena stretched us in ways that I could not have been convinced was possible. Rena's impeccable attention to detail and the tremendous amount of research provided an amazing arena for learning about meter, form, and about our own abilities as poets. I had no idea what an acrostic was, let alone a found, or zig-zag poem. Nevertheless, Rena was there encouraging us all and providing us with useful information from some amazing guests. The participants provided such generous support and we were each others cheerleaders. I think some really amazing relationships were formed because of this challenge. It was insane! It was fun! It was exciting! Next year... a badge on my blog!! Thank you Rena!

Catherine Margaret Johnson 
The A to Z Poetry challenge was a fun month long event where we learned new styles of poetry, flexed our poetry muscles and made lovely new friends.

Hannah Ruth Wilde
Rena offered a welcoming and supportive environment for new writers of children's poetry. I am very happy to have been included in this inspiring and productive online community.

Jennifer Young 
I was in the dark about poetry until Rena hosted this wonderful A - Z challenge on her blog. She created an exciting learning environment along with a new poetry lesson per letter. I already miss checking out my fellow participants' blogs to see what interesting, funny and creative poems the concocted from her lessons.

Penny Parker Klostermann 
The A to Z Poetry Challenge was stupendous! Terrifically tremendous! Rena provided us with challenges that made me think, and write outside of my comfort zone. From that I experienced growth. Since the challenge, when I begin to write a poem, I draw from a whole new set of tools. Not only did I end the month with 26 poems, I read hundreds of poems and I ended the month feeling a part of the poetry world. Thanks, Rena…I look forward to next year!

Stay tuned for 2013's A to Z Poetry Challenge!

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